Buying a Rife Machine

What are the different types of Rife machines?

A Rife machine basically generates frequencies and by doing so supports the body in eliminating bacteria, viruses, toxins and more. It can also be used to support some of the body’s functions.

Rife machines start at the small, handheld device level. Then there are slightly larger ones that use a laptop or computer to assist with their functions. After that there are kits which include a plasma ray tube and also need a computer. Finally you have the standalone one’s that have their own software and include either handheld plasma tubes ( for emission of radio waves ) or a beam ray tube. These are generally regarded as the highest standard and most machines in this category adhere to the Royal Rife protocols.

What should I look for when choosing a Rife machine?
  • The Rife machine should have a medium for generating radio frequencies. This can either be hand held plasma tubes or a standalone beam  ray tube.
  •  Ideally it should have other options for frequencies, like alloy hand electrodes or metal footplates.
  •  There should be presets for different conditions instead of the user having to program in frequencies themselves e.g Arthritis…if this program contained 12 different frequencies, instead of them all having to be programmed in, a preset number is assigned, for example 321. When the user keys in 321 then the machine starts running all 12 frequencies consecutively.
  •  The machine should have a warranty.
  •  There should be a broad range of conditions (and accompanying Presets) for the user to choose from.
  •  Amongst the Presets should be the original Royal Raymond Rife frequencies.
  •  The machine should be sturdy and well built.
  •  As well as a frequency manual the Rife machine should come with a users manual and, ideally, an instructional DVD.
  •  The machine should have the capacity to generate both square waves and sine waves.
  •  Ideally, the machine should have integrated software and not require an exterior computer or laptop to function. There are, in fairness, some well made and effective Rife machines that do operate with this set up.
  •  It should be easy to use and understand.
How much should I pay?

At the entry level, Rife machines cost just a few hundred pounds, or dollars if you are in North America. The slightly more advanced models come in at around a thousand. Machines with built in software and featuring plasma tubes start at around two and half thousand pounds ( or dollars ) and can go up to just over five thousand. If the machine features a beam ray tube it is generally at the upper end of the price scale.

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Understanding Rife therapy and choosing a Rife machine can be a confusing and long winded experience.

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