What we recommend

After trying out several different machines over the years, we now distribute exclusively the BCX Ultra Rife machine. This is also the machine of choice in our sister clinic The Corpus Naturalis Clinic. We have found that the pulse of the square wave on the BCX is slightly longer than most other machines and, as a result, gives the user a better ‘ dig ’ at the pathogens they are addressing. The BCX Ultra boasts just under 1300 conditions and presets…everything from headache to typhoid. It is also the most user-friendly and takes no time at all to learn to use. The machine has 150 watts power and boasts a 4Mghz motherboard.

The BCX Ultra costs £2400 and comes with hand held plasma tubes, alloy hand electrodes, footplates, users manual, instructional DVD, frequency manual, leads, power unit and a tough, composite carrying case.

At Vitality Distribution we offer the following on all Rife machines purchased:

  • 3 year warranty.
  • 6 months free backup on tips, questions, using the machine and protocols etc.
  • If you live near London you can come to our sister clinic and try a machine out including a free treatment session.
  • Duties and courier are included in the purchase price. No hidden extras!
  • Our experience in using and selling Rife machines since 2007.
  • Just under 1300 different conditions addressed, with accompanying preset programs.
  • You can also enter your own custom programs if you wish.
My BCX Rife machine has really helped me with handling the Lyme condition and its associated infections. Thank you.” – Mrs P. Watson, Newbury, Oxfordshire
I have now got movement back in my knee joint after using the Rife program you suggested.” – Mr A. Patel, Ascot, Berkshire.
I have been using the BCX machine three times a week. Coupled with the herbal regime I am on, I really feel we are turning things round.” – Mrs M. Stephens, Cardiff, Wales

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