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The BCX Ultra


The BCX Ultra offers comprehensive options in Rife treatment. Utilising cathode ray tubes, two choices of electrodes plus sticky pads for specific areas, it represents the finest example of cutting edge technology combined with the original Royal Rife protocols. The Ultra’s circuit board can generate frequencies from 1 Hz through to 4 MHz. It is so finely tuned that this can be done in increments of 100Hz.

Each frequency ‘ piggybacks ‘ an additional radio frequency to ensure efficacy in permeation. The manual offers hundreds of presets so you can simply look up a condition and find the appropriate preset.

The Ultra also allows the user to create their own combinations or strengths of waveforms and also to create combinations from the presets. The frequencies  are pulsed into the body’s cellular structure rather than in one continuous generation.

There are also settings for regeneration of various physiological aspects. For example there is a preset for non-union bone breaks, and for general use there is also one for the immune system.

Learning to use the BCX Ultra literally takes about half an hour, it couldn’t be simpler. For further reference, the machine also comes with an instructional video. The Ultra’s carrying case is sturdy and compact. Whilst the device is sold for research purposes and no health claims are made, some of the testimonials below indicate its’ potential.

UK & EUROPE £2400.00 incl.

USA & CANADA  $2695 incl. (US Dollars)

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The Magnetex

The Magnetex is a relatively new machine and completely unique. Using proprietary technology the Magnetex generates a single pole magnetic field with a difference…the field is Toroidal. The best way to get a concept of a Torus is to visualize a doughnut, with the hole in the doughnut being the axis and the pastry being circling, emanating fields of energy. The Torus energy field occurs naturally in nature and in atomic structure.

The Magnetex is non-invasive. It is moved slowly over the body, or affected body part, just above it with no physical contact. Can be used to treat inflammation, pain, detoxification of lymph and many, many more conditions.

UK & EUROPE £1450.00 incl.

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The Valkion Singlet Oxygen Machine

Traditional oxygen therapies are based on the assumption that providing the body with more oxygen will result in more oxygen actually being used by the cells of the body. The Valkion machine uses a different basis – that the oxygen in normal air can be altered to improve absorption and utilisation within the body, without increasing the pressure or concentration of oxygen inhaled.

Normal atmospheric air is drawn into the Valkion machine and passed through an ‘activation chamber’, containing a light source and special catalyst, which then mimics photosynthesis and converts the oxygen from its usual ‘ground state’ into a highly reactive ‘singlet state’ (‘Singlet Oxygen’). This form of oxygen is so reactive that within a fraction of a second, the oxygen reverts to its original ground state, releasing ‘Singlet Oxygen Energy’ as it does so. This Singlet Oxygen Energy is then passed through fresh clean water, for humidification – to make it easier to breathe in via nasal tubes or a mask and inhaled, along with normal room air, into the lungs. N.B. No Singlet Oxygen enters the body from the machine – just the Singlet Oxygen Energy – this is what makes the inhaled oxygen activated. The humidified, activated oxygen is more easily transported to the cells and then more easily utilised by the cells for metabolic reactions compared to ‘normal’ air. It also precipitates processes of balancing and healing within the body as cells look to respond to the presence of Singlet Oxygen Energy.

Energy in the body is produced in cellular breathing process where ATP is created. ATP is the body’s main energy currency, used to supply energy for many enzymatic processes within the cells, thus ensuring the continual function of the body and its maintenance. The more ATP is produced, the faster a tissue grows and heals, neuron communication is faster which leads to clearer and sharper mind, and the immune system reaction gets more robust and effective.

To ensure production of as much ATP as possible, a sufficient supply of oxygen to the cells needs to be maintained. Traditionally, oxygen therapy is done by breathing air with high oxygen concentration. Alternatively, breathing singlet oxygen-enriched atmospheric air has been shown to also be effective, without the need for expensive and dangerous oxygen tank.

The Valkion machine improves cellular oxygen levels in the body with consequent effects on health and wellbeing – in addition to kick starting the cells’ healing reaction via the ‘oxidative response’ of the body.

The Valkion machine costs £2400.00
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The Vistron

The Kindling Vistron represents the highest standards of bio-impedance screening and testing.  German built, the Vistron provides cutting edge software with sampled libraries that include most toxins, viruses and bacteria as well as many remedy libraries that feature herbs, homeopathic preparations, vitamins, minerals, amino acids , enzymes and more.

The machine also has a facility to imprint/potentise either liquid or plain tablets with whichever remedies the user chooses from the library. One of the unique things about the Vistron is the machine boasts a function that can boost weak acupoints/meridian lines and also improve the conductivity of a client.

EAV ( Electro Acupuncture according to Voll ) screening offers accurate assessment and location of areas of physical travail in the body. It can locate the sources and causes of many conditions. With German attention to detail, the Vistron provides a solid, reliable and comprehensive approach to screening clients naturally and non-invasively.

The Kindling Vistron…current price £7000.
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