Rife Technology

In the early twentieth century Royal Rife, an American scientist, built the first microscope able to accurately observe viruses, bacteria and general cellular life in the human body. He then experimented with various frequencies to see which ones, either alone or in combination, could shatter toxic and pathogenic cells. Experiments were also conducted to see if other frequencies could encourage regeneration in some aspects of the body’s functions. Research literally ran into thousands of hours.

Each time a successful frequency was identified (called a Mortal Oscillatory Rate) it was then “piggy-backed” or combined with a suitable radio frequency. This is because most radio wave frequencies are much higher and so permeate the human cellular structure more easily. For many of the conditions a square wave was used but for regeneration, e.g. a slow healing bone break, it was found using a sine wave was more successful as it was closer to the human body’s own vibrational signature

Thousands of hours of research, involving the subjecting of pathogens, on microscope slides, to many different frequencies, resulted in a series of solid, proven and repeatable results. Below are some photos of Rife’s original microscope and some of the pathogens he observed.

Rife’s original machines are a far cry from modern formats but the underlying technology remains the same.

Despite many attacks over the years from vested interest, the technology has persisted, for one very good reason…it works. Rife technology can support the body’s efforts to regain a healthy, toxin-free balance. It can also support many physiological healing processes.


The composition of bacteria, viruses and toxins can be complex. For this reason there is often a combination of frequencies used to target the pathogen. The machine generates these frequencies and these are conducted through cathode ray tubes that are held by the patient. When one frequency finishes, the next one starts until the entire combination is completed.


If you are a doctor, practitioner or simply a member of the public who is trying to handle a resistive condition then it may well be that Rife technology can help you. The therapy supports the body. The Rife machine’s ability to target micro-bacteria and other resistant forms with specific frequencies is unique. Working with the body, not against it, and leaving healthy cells intact, Rife frequencies can home in on unwanted pathogens. Although there is no magic bullet in natural medicine, testimonials indicate this technology can occasionally achieve miraculous results. If you are interested in finding out more about therapy click here.

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