Imagine a supplement, just one supplement, that could provide the following benefits:

Reduces inflammation
Rebuilds damaged mitochondria
Improves endurance and stamina
Raises cognitive function Produces elevated oxygen levels
Eliminates the key free radical…Hydroxyl
Supports detoxificationFacilitates alkalinity
Fights parasite-induced inflammation in the liver
Improves lung function
…this term means when an organ has been starved of blood and is then given a new supply. There is often damage as a result. This product supports the body in combatting poor outcomes of this procedure…particularly in the myocardium (heart muscle)
Fights amyloid plaque and disease in the brain

Unfortunately, there isn’t a supplement anywhere that provides all these boosts to natural health. But that list details just some of the key benefits of Hydrogen Therapy.

A Hydrogen Therapy machine, via an inbuilt electrolysis unit and membrane, separates the H2 from the O in its distilled water container and the light, odourless gas passes through a tube into a nose cannula the user is wearing. A session takes from 15 to 30 minutes and the results are uniformly good…

After the first session I could feel a whole sea change in my body. I know it’s a long haul with Lyme disease but this has raised my optimisim.”

Mrs C. Lydon, Bournemouth

After 3 weeks of the hydrogen therapy there is no question my lung function has improved.”

Mr L. Tomlinson, London

Most of the brain fog has gone now and I am breathing better too. Along with the herbs I’m taking I think this machine is going to handle this condition.”

S Ms J. Reynolds, Potters Bar

The 900A H2 machine

Providing 600ml of Hydrogen and 300ml of Oxygen per minute

Price £2900 inclusive


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