Lyme Disease

Most Lyme sufferers know all the basic background to Lyme disease…how it comes from the Borrelia species of ticks; how once it takes hold there can be co-infections; how joints and energy levels can be affected. But, unless it is diagnosed early, most antibiotics will fail to address it. What, then, are your options for beating it?

Current successes indicate a multi-faceted approach to the problem. Anti-parasitical herbs and extracts such as Grapefruit Seed, Black Walnut and Wormwood; Nutritional agents that break down biofilm such as Biocidin and Cistus Indicus; Herbal protocols such as the Steven Buhner Lyme protocol and, finally, frequency treatment with a Rife machine. These therapies combined usually bring someone out of the condition in just over 18 months.

Responses to the Borrelia bacteria are wildly variable. Some people are able to get on with their lives whilst others get all manner of co-infections. So the length of the recovery curve can vary too. But it is a condition that can be beaten.

Treatment protocols can involve staggered dosaging, followed by one or two week rests then high intensity dosaging or frequency treatments to kill off residuals etc This cycle is repeated again and again. Some people have also utilize serrapeptase and nattokinase in addition to herbals. Others have added food grade hydrogen peroxide twice a week.

Lyme disease is now on the increase across the world. There appears to be different strains of it too…the Australian strain being particularly aggressive and debilitating. Working with the body, supporting the immune system and breaking down the various bacteria that the condition brings, this is the way forward

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