The Best Way To Use A Rife Machine

There was a tremendous amount of research associated with the development of the first Rife machines (17 years), and a lot of refinement in the  programming of the different frequencies. Today’s modern user does not have to struggle with large, cumbersome devices or huge plasma tubes. They also don’t have to program each individual frequency into the machine. Modern technology has meant that most of today’s machines have presets in them and the user just has to tap a few digits in and hey presto, the machine can deliver a series of frequencies for the particular condition.

This means that as well as all of the basic frequency sets the modern Rife machine is also able to provide the user with some of the more powerful frequencies…such as the Healing Frequency sweep. The BCX Ultra, probably the best Rife machine, literally takes 15 to 20 minutes to learn how to use, yet offers the most powerful circuit board and the widest range of applications. So what is the simple way to use it and get good stable results?

A user should start by looking up the condition they want to address in the manual. Conditions are listed alphabetically. So, for instance, you would look under C for colon problems. There will be a numerical code shown beside the condition. You simply key that into the machine and then press start Allow a minimum of 24 hours between treatments. You can leave treatments up to a week apart but no more. Make sure you drink lots of fluid between sessions.

Some people can sometimes get an after-effect called Herxheimer’s, which occurs when the liver and kidneys get overworked expelling the dead cells. If you drink plenty of fluids this should not occur.  Herxheimer’s is simply feeling a bit flu-like for around 12 hours…it passes and is not serious. Stick to the pre-set times when first using the Rife machine, do not alter them and remain hydrated. Ideally use the hand held plasma tubes with your feet on the footplate electrodes.

It’s fine for you to hold the plasma tubes close to the affected area, that will also benefit the condition and often speed the recovery curve. Sometimes one session is enough to handle some problems…this occurs quite regularly for E Coli for instance. Do not have any mobile phones on or computer screens near you when on the machine…they are emitting their own wavelengths and interfere with the efficacy of the Rife machine. If you still feel a bit woozy after 24 hours then leave another 48 hours before the next treatment, however, most people, especially Lyme’s sufferers report feeling much better the following day.

That’s it…it’s that simple. But remember not to start playing around with frequency cycles and times when you first start using a Rife machine. Just use it simply and on a mild gradient. After a few months of using it you can start to experiment but just stick to the basic protocols initially. It’s an idea to keep a small bottle of 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide around, use a few drops in water if you feel a bit heavy or flu’ey the following day. Just using the basic presets of your Rife machine should either eliminate your condition or begin to lessen it.

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