Rife treatment had its beginnings in the first half of the twentieth century. Royal Rife believed that cells had a vibrationary rate that would eventually shatter them. He called this the ‘Mortal Oscillatory Rate’. After thousands of hours of research he started using the frequency protocols he had developed. Today there are Rife machines in use all over the world.


Plasma tubes are used as a medium for the radio waves and a variety of other electrodes can be chosen for normal frequency form. After consultation about the client’s condition, the appropriate protocols are chosen. There are settings for various aspects of health. Clients generally sit comfortably in a chair. An average Rife therapy session is around one and a half to two hours. Breaks can be taken during the session.

During a session, frequencies can be increased, if desired, and the running lengths of each frequency can also be shortened or lengthened. There also some settings which assist/support revivification such as slow healing bone breaks and poor immune response.

Where we offer Rife treatments

To receive Rife therapy you can either visit us at our rooms in London or we can arrange home visits in the following counties:

Surrey; Kent; Hertfordshire; Middlesex; Essex; Berkshire; Buckinghamshire; Sussex and of course Greater London.

For those of you who live further away and are unable to travel, we may be able to steer you to a practitioner near you who offers Rife therapy.

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Caveat: No medical claims are made for treatment with a Rife machine. Rife therapy does not replace other medical / natural protocols you may be currently on.

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