What we offer in Rife therapy

For Sussex clients we use the BCX Ultra for treatments…the most powerful Rife machine in the world. We adhere to Royal Rife’s original methodology of generating researched frequencies simultaneously in radio wave form and normal form. Time and intensity is totally adjustable for different client needs.

How does it work?

There is an initial discussion / consultation about the client’s condition and then the protocols are chosen. There are settings for various aspects of health. Clients generally sit comfortably in a chair holding plasma tubes and with their feet on footplates. An average Rife therapy session is around one and a half to two hours. Breaks can be taken during the session.

Where we offer Rife treatments

To receive Rife therapy you can either visit us at our rooms in London or we can arrange home visits throughout Sussex.

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Don’t understand how Rife Therapy works? Click here for an explanation



Caveat: No medical claims are made for treatment with a Rife machine. Rife therapy does not replace other medical / natural protocols you may be currently on.

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