Whilst there is no magic bullet to handle the onset of cancer, either conventionally or alternatively, there are a number of natural options for treatment which, either by scientific studies, testimonials or empirical observation, have proven to be helpful in the fight to reverse this condition.

Because of the large variety of cancers, it should be noted that a supplement or therapy that works well with one form does not necessarily have any real support or efficacy for some other forms. When looking for natural alternatives do read as much background information about the product or therapy to establish its suitability. The term Natural Cancer Treatment is a broad one and encompasses many modalities. There are also a small number of products falsely pushed as effective against carcinogens, with unsubstantiated claims of efficacy. They are in the minority…again, do your homework.

Most of the famous ‘ last chance ‘ clinics in northern Mexico share some common approaches. They are:

Rife therapy; Ozone or Oxygen Therapy; Alkalization of diet; Elimination of saccharides ( sugars ); PEMF therapy ( Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy ); Laetrile ( Vitamin B17 ); Intravenous Vitamin Therapy; Detoxification, utilising either EDTA, Calcium Alginate or Zeolite; Pro Biotics.

New supplements and modalities continue to be introduced. There are regularly breakthroughs from the natural medicine world, which is encouraging for cancer sufferers everywhere.

There are other clinics in Germany, Holland, Hungary,Turkey and some East European states. The German one’s, in particular, have a good reputation.

If you have had chemotherapy, or are recovering from it, then a natural practitioner will recommend supplements to support the liver during the recovery period. Whilst there are normally no major contraindications with natural supplements or therapies, if you are receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy or target drug treatment you should stick to basic daily vitamins and possible a detox supplement during this period. ProBiotics may also be taken, as can L Gluthionine or Methionine to support the liver.

Everyone has a different body, which reacts to carcinogens in slightly different ways. But utilising the wealth of natural options out there will usually pay dividends.

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