Natural Cancer Treatment – London

For those seeking alternative medical options to the more conventional approaches to cancer, London offers plenty of avenues.  In central London, in the Harley Street and Wimpole Street areas, there are a number of clinics specialising in different modalities for natural cancer treatment. Some specialise in ozone therapy, some in oriental medicine and there are a host of other therapies.

In other areas of the city Rife practitioners can be found, as well as nutritional, dietary and herbal practitioners. There are also practitioners utilising bioresonance machines as well as PEMF ( Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field ) therapy. For those in search of specific herbs there are a number of shops selling a wide variety of preparations.

Today, there also several facilities in London offering stem cell therapy…cutting edge medicine that is starting to make real inroads into some forms of cancer. Although the technology is relatively new there are some encouraging results coming through. Stem cell therapy is not cheap but, as with any new technology, the price is starting to come down.

Costing out your options for natural cancer treatment in London should be based on your own budgetary limits. Many are tempted to borrow or use credit cards…of course this is understandable, we are talking about life saving options, but where possible do your homework and combine some therapies and supplements. The possibility of NHS funding for natural cancer treatment is very limited so basically you will have to take the private route. Some of the clinics that are not based in central London, but are in the suburbs, are often just as good and sometimes better!

Working with the body, rather than introducing synthetic biochemicals, is preferable for many people today. Like conventional medicine, sometimes natural therapy can be a hit or miss affair. But the absence of side effects make this a preferable alternative for some. An important factor in many natural cancer treatments in London is detoxification and this will greatly ease the workload on the liver and kidneys. When researching clinics check if they include detoxification protocols.

Many herbal supplements work synergistically with the body, and there are also amino acids such as L Glutathione, N A Cysteine and Methionine that greatly support the liver. Similarly a good Vitamin E supplement will assist the oxygenation of cells.

The number of visits to a practitioner required can vary wildly, it can be a weekly, twice weekly or fortnightly sequence. Treatments can stretch over several months and many patients who bounce back from cancer like to continue a maintenance and preventative programme, which entails monthly visits normally. As well as conventional testing you will also find many practitioners using screening techniques such as bio-impedance, live blood microscopy, kinesiology,  multi-pulse taking and other techniques. Initial visits are normally more expensive that subsequent one’s as the practitioner will normally do thorough screening, questionaires and spend far more time with you.

Finally, when searching the internet don’t forget to seek out directories of practitioners as well as using the normal keywords. There is CNM, BANT, and many others. Many of these websites have their own specific keyword boxes too, to help you find the practitioner match you are looking for.

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