Building a Practice

Having a flourishing practice is most natural practitioners’ dream. But there are as many aspects to good business practice as there are to most natural therapies. Below are tips and key points culled from various successful natural clinics in Europe and the States.

1)     Decide what your eventual Ideal Scene would be for the practice. All activities should then align to that vision until, through time, it is eventually achieved.

2)     Analyse all your outgoings/costs and work backwards from that to establish what turnover and margins will make the practice viable.

3)     Promote yourself via health shows, local radio interviews, articles for the media, small posters on various notice boards, letters of introduction to local doctors etc.

4)     Get a website and on the homepage have a short video of yourself introducing your services.

5)     When talking or writing about your practice don’t get too technical, stress the benefits and solutions it offers.

6)     Always use any testimonials that are available.

7)     Be prepared to give introductory freebies. Gift vouchers are also an option. Many Reflexologists have acquired good clientbases from giving introductory sessions at old people’s homes.

8)     Keep stocks of nutritional products and remedies. This adds greatly to the viability of the practice.

Despite economic downturns, more and more people are turning to natural medicine for solutions. But it is key to remember that establishing a viable natural practice is not only dependent on excelling at your chosen discipline, it is also important to remember it is still a business and business principles must be applied for it to succeed, particularly marketing and PR.

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