Different Options In Rife Machines

The huge range of frequencies that can be used with a Rife machine make it a formidable tool against the various pathogens that the body can encounter. But are all Rife machines built equal? Some of the researched frequencies for Rife therapy require a powerful circuit board, capable of generating a broad range of frequencies. In addition, per Royal Rife’s protocols, it should be able to offer these frequencies in different waveforms. This is because Rife technology can also be used to support the body in its healing processes. Those particular settings, which help revivify the specific physiological function such as the immune system etc, normally require the user to switch to sine waveforms and not the normal square wave form Additionally, some of the more extensive frequency settings, such as the Russian healing ‘sweep’, require quite high frequencies. Can the machine you’re choosing comply with this?

What other qualities should the best Rife machine possess? When it comes to specific pathogens, the user must have some different options on how to target them This involves the use of different types of electrodes  and plasma tubes. For example, someone suffering from hepatitis may want to either place sticky pad electrodes on the front and back of the liver, or tape metal electrodes on the front and back of the liver. This could be augmented by the user holding plasma tubes whilst their feet are on footplates. If the Rife machine purchased does not offer all those options then treatment may be extended over a longer period and, in many cases, not fully successful. Breast cancer suffers would be another good example of this type of specific targeting.

As parasites and micro organisms require high strength approaches it is also necessary that the best kind of Rife machine would offer variable strengths of intensity for the user too. Some micro organisms and bacteria can be extremely resistive and this why antibiotics often fail when used to treat them. But a Rife machine with variable options of intensity, duration and electrodes will usually shatter the resistive biofilm on these pathogens and eradicate them from the body, either by shattering them all together, neutralizing them or deconstructing them into a dead agglutinate. In all cases they will then be expelled from the body.

The BCX Ultra offers the user all of these options and much more. It is uniformly recognized as the best Rife machine in the world…adhering to those original protocols that Royal Rife developed all those years ago. For any one seeking to purchase a Rife machine you should investigate the specs of a BCX Ultra and then compare the rest of the products out there. It proves to be an incomparable yardstick for quality and efficiency in a Rife machine.

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