Choosing a Rife Machine

Whilst there are many Rife machines in the marketplace today, their adherence to the protocols of its inventor, Royal Rife, vary greatly. Rife specified that as well generating a frequency normally you should also generate it in radio wave form. This is because radio waves are much lighter and more easily permeate the cells. So a true Rife machine generates the frequencies in two forms at the same time, so they ‘ enharmonize ‘ and hit the pathogen’s cell walls in a joint effort.

Most of the machines in the marketplace today provide just a set of metal electrodes for the user to either hold or place against the affected area. A metal electrode is not a great conductor of radio waves and if you look at old photos of the machines Rife was using you can clearly see he utilizes plasma tubes for the radio frequencies.

Additionally, to be able to provide the user with some of the more powerful frequencies… such as the Healing Frequency sweep, the circuit board of the machine has to be quite powerful. Again, most machines available fall short of this.

But the BCX Ultra Rife machine offers inputs for the user to use footplate electrodes and plasma tubes at the same time. It also has the most powerful circuit board with a potential to generate 4Mghz. Most clinics or public seeking out the best Rife machine eventually choose the BCX Ultra for all its features and options. But the main thing is it gets results. This is the best Rife machine in the world and every single one of those famous cancer clinics in northern Mexico has a BCX Ultra because of its adherence to pure Rife technology and because of its proven results. If you care about your health it makes sense to choose the best.

When a user has the full range of frequencies available in a machine then they will get the best results. The BCX Ultra provides plasma tubes, brass hand electrodes, sticky pad electrodes, footplates, a comprehensive manual and a solid composite carrying case. It has a one year warranty and great technical back-up. It is a machine built in the true tradition of Rife’s protocols.

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