Addressing Leaky Gut Syndrome

Whatever the screening method, more and more doctors and practitioners are reporting evidence of leaky gut syndrome in many clients they are seeing. The condition is now reaching huge proportions amongst the public and may be the underlying factor behind so many of the food intolerances that are being reported.

When the integrity of the intestinal walls has been breached then absorption of nutrients is affected and many unwanted elements can find their way into the bloodstream. Repair is essential for continuing good health. To restore a healthy digestive tract requires detoxification, including good bulking agents in the regime; nutritional support; repopulation with probiotics and specific nutrients to encourage growth and combat pathogens.

Often the mistake can be made of starting the detoxifying process with a bulking agent alone. Supplementing the bulking agent with L Bulgaricum will usually accelerate the detox process and rid the GI tract of unwanted bacteria and pathogens. Length of time for a full intestinal detox should never be less than 4 weeks as the eventual introduction of Acidophilus and Bifidum will not reap overnight results, particularly in chronic cases. In some instances the detox may take over 2 months to complete.

Today, in 2008, the need for intestinal detox has never been stronger. It is extremely hard for the practitioner to isolate the various dietary factors that have brought about the intestinal condition in their client. This is because it can range from E additives to high acidity, from oxalates to heavy metals, chronic candida and a plethora of other possibilities. The stable datum is that an intestinal cleanse is required.

One of the goals of an effective intestinal detox is for pH levels to return to normal. This discourages pathogens from repopulating the intestinal lining. The results of a good cleanse of the GI tract can be amazing. Renewed vigour, better complexion and improved digestion are some of the many manifestations at the end of a successful cleanse. In today’s world there are few people who will not benefit at some stage from thorough detoxification of the colon and small intestine.

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