Molecular Hydrogen Therapy

In 2005 in Japan, Professor Shigeo Ohta, searching for a new powerful antioxidant, stumbled across hydrogen. One of the smallest and most abundant molecules known to science turned out to have an ability to negate the two key enzymatic reactions that create free radicals. From this discovery Molecular Hydrogen Therapy evolved. Molecular Hydrogen gets its name because the process developed involved separating the H2 molecule  from the O in distilled water. Read more.

H2 has multiple benefits throughout the body which include but are not limited to:

  1. It’s a selective anti-oxidant that reduces oxidative stress by targeting the most harmful free radicals which damage your DNA and cells. These toxic free radicals diminish your health day by day and cause you to age prematurely. However, H2 does not react with other physiologically important reactive oxygen species which we need for important Redox signalling functions to maintain balance within the body.
  2. Anti–inflammatory properties. In chronic inflammatory states, the genes that tell the body to release inflammatory mediators are permanently switched on, which causes inflammatory molecules to constantly be released. Molecular hydrogen either directly or indirectly decreases excess circulation levels of all these molecules and thus acts as an agent for turning inflammatory genes off.
  3. Improves Cell Signalling. Cells communicate to each other by sending and receiving signals to and from their surrounding environment. They use this information to maintain homeostasis and also to react to threats. Errors in cell signalling are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity and diabetes. Many of Molecular Hydrogen’s abilities to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation stem from its role as a cell signalling agent.
  4. High Bioavailability – Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe which means it can easily cross the blood brain barrier, cell membranes and even access the mitochondria. This allows H2 to access parts of the cell that other anti- oxidants can’t reach and neutralise free radicals at their source before they can wreak havoc on the DNA.

Hydrogen gas also shows some promise in treating dementia, Parkinsons and boosts brain functions like memory and concentration,  according to clinical research.

In the Journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, it suggested a reduction of the inflammatory response and oxidative stress when taking H2 treatments –adding that it could decrease organ damage associated with a deadly infection like sepsis, something hospitals are starting to recognize.

Since 1975, over 800 peer-reviewed articles have been written demonstrating the therapeutic effect that molecular hydrogen has in essentially every organ of the human body and in 170 different disease models. There are more studies being conducted every day about this miracle molecule and countries such as Japan, Korea, China, and Germany have included molecular hydrogen as a staple in their medical system. 

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